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SCS United (est 2016) is Combination of Stars United and PA Crew Academy. SCS United is a Dick's Sporting Goods Premier Partner Club

SCS United

Program Overview for SCS 2016-2017

SCS Player Development Philosophy

The SCS coaching philosophy is based on long-term player development over short-term team success. Players learn, develop and understand the game by being instructed with age appropriate directions and instructions. Players are encouraged to take chances with the ball and apply their own creativity.  The SCS philosophy is based on the premise that the game consists of sequences of plays between 2, 3 and sometimes 4 players, in various parts of the field, and team success is determined by the player’s collective performance in these exchanges.

SCS embraces this method as it gives ownership to the individual player. The responsibility given a player applying a thought, idea or execution of a skill creates an environment that fosters the motivation to continually improve and excel. By emphasizing their creativity and individuality, players learn to make logical decisions. This allows them to remain less stressed and ultimately, develop a vision and execution for the game at the highest level.

SCS emphasizes the concept of coaches asking a series of leading questions during training and games. The players’ answers can be used as a gauge of their development and understanding of the game. The players will take pride in using their own reasoning and decision making rather than being provided that information. The goal is for the player to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses. They will be empowered to make corrections and adjustments. We reinforce these ideas with small sided games and activities. The end result is the players’ ability to showcase their soccer talents and play with confidence on the ball.

In addition to encouraging creative play, SCS supports the idea of simplicity. It is our philosophy through the player’s own creativity, development, decision-making and guidance from the coaches, that players develop vision for the game. At times the need for playing the simple ball far outweighs the urge for complex executions. We encourage a possession style brand of soccer and the players’ ability to use their technical superiority will prove successful over time by having confidence to hold and possess until a penetrative situation presents itself. Patience, our ideology is long term development over short term success.  

SCS Phases of Development

2008, 2009, 2010 SCS Academy

Academy Style Coaching - SCS will deploy and Academy Model where each age group will have a team of coaches under the leadership of a Director.  The player benefits of an academy model:

●      Multiple Coaches/Voices/Styles/Background and Experience

●      Fluid Training Groups - mix players by skill/ability, position etc.

●      Functional/Technical/Tactical Training

●      Opportunity for players to play multiple positions

●      Player-centric approach vs coach-centric approach

●      Periodized Structure based on US Soccer and World Soccer Standards

●      The players will participate in a progressive club wide curriculum from 8 - 18 years of age.


This 10 month program will focus on technical development while improving their overall balance, coordination and agility.  Players will become proficient using all of the surfaces of both feet.  Ball Mastery and 1v1 moves will be emphasized and players will find themselves in a One Player:One Ball scenario in training.  It is not uncommon for each player to have multiple thousands of touches in a training session.  Players will learn to excel in small sided situations and be introduced to team play.  The Games will be used as a barometer to gauge how the players are applying what they are learning in training to the game situation. 


2008, 2009, 2010 SCS ACADEMY (7v7 format)

  • The Academy Program curriculum will be directed by Mark Perry and Rich Hackenberg, and the coaching sessions implemented by the assigned coaching staff for each birth year.
  • Program runs from August 2017 thru June 2018
  • Accepted players will be placed into training pools before the Fall 2017 season begins.  
  • The focus of the SCS Academy age groups is PLAYER DEVELOPMENT.   
  • Two outdoor practices in the Fall and Spring
  • PA West Academy games on Saturdays
  • Fall Tournament
  • Spring Tournament
  • Winter Training can be at Tri-County, RMU bubble or SCS training facility
  • Winter Indoor League Play at Tri-County -- 24 games included
  • SCS Futsal Program
  • Team rosters Black/White/Blue will be created for Fall/Winter/Spring games and tournament scheduling purposes, but they are flexible where players can move between teams to fill-in when conflicts arise.  


The next phase of development builds upon individual technical development but starts to emphasize team play.  The technical phase will place a heavy emphasis on the players’ first touch and passing & receiving. The players will be encouraged to exercise their creativity but will become more dependent upon small sided situations within training and in games.  11U and 12U teams will play 9v9 format.  Tactical formations options (3-2-3, 3-3-2) will be introduced and each player will begin to understand the roles of different positions as the concept of TEAM becomes more evident through this cycle.  Building out of the back, incorporating the goalkeeper and transitioning through each 1/3rd of the field will be developed via club-wide emphasis of a possession-based style of play. Players at this level will improve their agility and coordination with a stronger emphasis on biomechanics.  Proper hydration and nutrition will become increasingly important and players will be educated and encouraged to develop good habits.

2006 & 2007 SCS ELITE & PREMIER TEAMS (9v9 format)

Players will be placed on the following teams:

  • Elite
  • Premier Black
  • Premier White

All players are rostered on a “Club Pass” and are eligible to play for any team if asked to fill-in for games/tournaments.

The teams join the PA West Classic League, and will play 9v9 format.   They will attend tournaments, and also participate in winter training and winter league play.   Elite 2005 teams may apply for Region I leagues when available.

2006 Teams are eligible for the PA West State Cup or President’s Cup competitions.

Winter training can be at Tri-County arena, RMU Bubble or the SCS United training facility 

2005-2004  (11v11 format)

This phase marks the transition to 11v11 and tactical training and the concept of team become more in focus.  The possession-based style of play will be further developed and teams will learn different systems of play (4-3-3, 4-4-2, 3-4-3, 3-5-2, 4-3-1-2) and the patterns of play therein. Individual player development will remain an emphasis as some players will begin to settle into regular positions.  Principles of Attack, Principles of Defense, Counter Attack, Possession & Transition and Patterns of Play will be reinforced to advance the players to the next level.  Speed of Play and Decision Making will enable players to compete at the highest level in the region.  Players will be challenged physically and mentally in training and games and elite level players and teams will begin to emerge. Power, Speed and Flexibility will become more evident as players mature at different levels.  Adequate sleep, proper hydration and nutrition pre-game and recovery will ensure optimal performance.

Teams advancement and success is more of a focus at this level as teams will be placed both locally and regionally at the highest level possible based on their qualifications.

The Elite teams will participate in the PA West Classic League, US Club National Premier League (NPL) Midwest Division (MDL) . 
  They will attend top-level tournaments, and also participate in winter training and winter league play.    Elite teams will enter the PA West State Cup.

Premier teams can apply to the Region I President’s Cup or comparable level tournament.

2000 - 2003  SCS ELITE & PREMIER TEAMS (11v11 format)

15-18 year olds compete in this phase and begin in November at the end of the High School Season.  This is the most competitive phase and the phase that exposes players to opportunities beyond High School and Club Soccer.  Players at this level will have the opportunity to compete among some of the highest ranked teams in the country in local, regional and national play.  Optimal performance, recovery and injury prevention are very important at this phase. Continued development of flexibility, speed, power and core strength through proper training will enable players to remain healthy.  Speed of play, speed of thought and decision making will be reinforced through high-intensity training and challenging game play.  Mental training may also be introduced.

Teams will compete in showcase events aimed at providing exposure to top colleges and academy programs.  Assistance with player profile and the recruiting process will begin in the early high school years.

The Elite teams will participate in the US Club National Premier League (NPL) Midwest Division (MDL) and top-level tournaments or Showcases in the region, as well as the PA West State Cup.  

Premier teams will apply to premier-level tournaments, potentially the Region I State Cup or President’s Cup based on the level of play.

Winter training at RMU Bubble and the SCS United training facility

Elite teams will participate in the Premier Winter League at SPIRE.

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