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NorthPark Sports Complex


  • To preserve the quality of the synthetic turf and surrounding air structure and provide a healthy and clean environment, all permit holders, facility users and individuals must abide by the following rules: 
  • No gum, chewing tobacco, candy, sunflower seeds, or similar types of products permitted 
  • No smoking, vaping, or juuling 
  • No alcohol 
  • No food 
  • No fireworks or open flames 
  • No spitting 
  • No pets 
  • No Glass Containers 
  • Failure to comply with these rules will result in users being asked to leave and / or immediate cancellation of reservation.
  • We want to really stress NO GUM.  This rule is for athletes, coaches, refs, anyone on the field.

Code of Conduct

It is rental organizations/individual renter’s responsibility to make certain that all coaches, parents, and participants are aware and comply with this Code of Conduct.  

  • Cooperate with all participants involved with the activity. This includes officials, other coaches, participants, parents and spectators. 
  • Never physically, verbally or emotionally harm, hurt, humiliate or intimidate another participant, coach, parent or official. Never show frustration in the presence of players, parents, spectators, etc. 
  • Never use profanity or language that is in bad taste. 
  • Listen to and follow all direction from program directors, NPSC staff and officials. 
  • Communicate to all participants, players, parents, spectators and officials in a friendly and reasonable manner. 
  • Respect facility amenities, field and equipment. 
  • Participate to the best of my ability and in a safe and professional manner at all times. 
  • Demonstrate and require fair play and sportsmanship from your players at all times. Lead by example by demonstrating respect and class toward your opponent at all times. 
  • Place all trash in appropriate trash receptacles. 

Any violation or infraction of these codes could result in a suspension from this facility. Discipline problems will be monitored and managed by NPSC staff. Physical violence could result in indefinite suspension.



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