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2022-2023 Updates    We are here to provide you and your family with the best youth soccer experience possible!  SCS United is proud to bring you a group of highly accomplished coaches and administrators.  Read the bios below to learn more about your coach and other leaders in our soccer community.   SCS United was formed in 2016 with the merger of Stars United and PA Crew, to form Stars Crew Soccer (SCS United).


DIRECTOR: MARK PERRY [email protected]






Along with assembling a top-tier coaching staff, we are committed to providing the best possible training facilities for our players, as our partnership with the Northpark Sports Complex demonstrates. Combined with Graham Park and the new lighted fields at North Boundary Park – both via our partnership with Seneca Valley Soccer Association – and our access to the Seneca Valley High School complex fields, SCS UNITED is proud to offer unsurpassed indoor and outdoor facilities to our players for training and games. Consistent with our “Players First” philosophy, our experienced coaching staff is committed to providing the best possible training and development experience possible. We are looking forward to the continued success and growth of all players and teams. 

SCS United Boys Staff:
2004 Boys Black -- Graeme Eastgate, Brian Goche
2005 Boys Black -- Brian Goche, Martin Pletz
2005/2006 Boys White -- Matt McAwley
2006 Boys Black -- John Kowalski, Graeme Eastgate
2007 Boys Black -- John Kowalski, Tahlon Kirkland
2008 Boys Black -- Graeme Eastgate, John Scanlon
2008 Boys White -- Simon Austin, Dennis Edmonds
2009 Boys Black -- Brian Goche, Ryan Montgomery, Eric Prex
2009 Boys White -- Jonathan Kirsch, Jon Miller
2009 Boys Blue -- Ben Johnson
2010 Boys Black -- Toby Perkins, Rob Murray
2010 Boys White -- Martin Pletz, Steve Rubinos
2011 Boys Black -- Max Shinsky
2011 Boys White -- Simon Austin, Tahlon Kirkland
2012 Boys Black -- Allan Brown
2012 Boys White -- Ryan Montgomery, Ben Johnson
2012 Boys Blue -- Ryan Montgomery, Ben Johnson

ACADEMY 2013, 2014, 2015: Allan Brown, Max Shinsky, Jonathan Kirsch, Dennis Edmonds, Steven Rubinos

GK Coaching Staff: Matt Bisceglia, Scott Postler, Spencer Wolfe

SCS United Girls Staff:
2009 Girls Black -- Mark Perry, Scott Postler
2009 Girls White --  Jenna Plummer
2010 Girls Black -- Tim Zundel, Mark Perry
2010 Girls White - Alessandro Moreira
2011 Girls Black -- Mark Perry, Jenna Plummer
2012 Girls Black -- Alessandro Moreira
2012 Girls White --  Jenna Plummer

ACADEMY 2013, 2014, 2015: Allan Brown, Mark Perry, Alessandro Moreira, Jenna Plummer, Scott Postler, Abbie Duffy

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